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一、SAT Essay模板第一段

  determining whether something should or should not be done could be weighed in many aspects. different people have different answers due to their respective point of view. on balance, my view is that the final judgment should depend on a case-by-case analysis of the two situations. / in my point of view, i agree with the speaker on the grounds that… / at the first glance, this opinion seems to be somewhat appealing, but further reflection tells me that i cannot agree with it for the following reasons.

  SAT Essay模板第二段


  the first and foremost reason why i support / agree with above statement is that …

  there is also a further 每 more subtle 每 point to consider.


  although at first glance these arguments sound reasonable and appealing, they are not borne out by a careful consideration.

  the undeniable deficiency in above arguments is that they are negligent of the bare fact that...

  SAT Essay模板第三段

  in conclusion, it must be explained that these three reasons sometimes intertwine to form an organic whole, thus becoming more persuasive than anyone of them. so, any thinking person must believe that…


  SAT Essay模板一.开头部分

  in this argument, the arguer concludes that…

  to substantiate the conclusion, the arguer points out that…

  in addition, the arguer assumes that / reasons that / cites the example of / cites the result of a recent study that…

  a careful examination of this argument would reveal how groundless it is.


  first of all, the argument is based on a false analogy. / the arguer simply assumes that… but he does not provide any evidence that … are indeed comparable. / as we know, … differ conspicuously. / it is true that both… but even here exist fundamental differences:… / therefore, even though…proved effective in doing… there is no guarantee that it will work just as well for…// as a result, a and b do not establish a warranted analogy. so we cannot safely assume that (两者无法比)

  ** the author unfairly assumes that a bears some relation to b. / however, the author provides no evidence to support that this is the case, nor does the author establish a causal relationship between a and b. / it is highly possible that other factors might contribute to the b/change/progress. / for example, … it is also likely b just resulted from … / lacking evidence that links a to b, it is presumptuous to suggest that a was responsible for b. (无法建立必然的因果关系)

  ** the evidence the author provides is insufficient to support the conclusion drawn from it. / one example is rarely sufficient to establish a general conclusion. / based on a specific example of… , it is logically unsounded to make suggestion for all… / in fact, in face of such limited evidence, it is fallacious to draw any conclusion at all. / unless it can be shown that … is representative of all…, the conclusion that… is completely unwarranted. (单个事例不能说明整体问题)

  ** by concluding that sb must do a or must do b, the author commits a fallacy of “false dilemma”. / the author assumes that a and b are the only available solutions to the problem. / however, it is possible that other factors might also contribute to the problem. for example,… / if so, just doing a and b would not solve the problem. (还有其他原因)

  in addition, the arguer commits a fallacy of hasty generalization. / even if… , which is, of course, an unwarranted assumption, it does not follow that… / it is highly possible that other factors may have contributed to b… / for instance,… / besides, the arguer does not provide any solid information concerning… / unless… , which is unknown from this argument, there is no guarantee that… // without ruling out these and other possible factors that give rise to b, the author cannot confidently conclude that…(结论得出过早,考虑不周到 )

  ** the arguer assumes that just because one event follows another, the second event has been caused by the first. / however, no evidence is provided to support that this is the case. / the mere fact that a occurs before b does not necessarily establish a causal relationship between a and b. / it is highly possible that other factors might also bring about these same results. / for instance,… in addition,… / without ruling out these and other possible factors that give rise to b, the author cannot confidently conclude that…

  ** the recommendation depends on the assumption that no alternative means of doing sth are available. / however, the arguer fails to offer any evidence to substantiate this crucial assumption. it is highly possible that means other than this would better solve the problem. / without considering and ruling out these and other alternative means of doing sth, the author cannot confidently conclude that…

  ** the arguer assumes the characteristics of a group apply to every member of that group. / the conclusion that… is based on the assumption that … / however, there is no guarantee that this is the case, nor does the author provide any evidence to substantiate this assumption. it is very likely that… / lacking such evidence the author cannot draw any firm conclusion. (整体规律不一定适用于个人)

  ** it is assumed without justification that background conditions have remained the same at different times / conditions. / the arguer unfairly infer from… in the past that… / however, he/she fails to offer any evidence to substantiate this inference. it is very likely that…, or that… / any of these scenarios, if true, would serve to undermine the claim that… (从过去不能推知现在和将来)

  finally, the arguer provides no assurances that the survey on which the argument depends is statistically reliable. / lacking information about the number of … surveyed and the number of respondents, it is impossible to assess the validity of the results. /for example, if… were surveyed but only… responded, the conclusion that… would be highly suspected. / another problem is the representativeness of the respondents. were they representative of all the…? were… chosen for the survey chosen randomly or did they volunteer for the survey?… / lacking such evidence the author cannot draw any firm conclusion based on the study.

  SAT Essay模板:结尾部分

  From what has been discussed above (Taking into account all these factors / Judging from all evidence offered), we may safely draw (reach / come to / arrive at) the conclusion that…

  All the evidence(analysis) supports (justifies / confirms / warrants / points to) a(n) unshakable (unmistakable / sound / just) conclusion that …

  It is high time that we place (lay / put) great ( special / considerable) emphasis on the improvement (development / increase / promotion) of…

  It is high time that we put an end to the deep-seated (unhealthy / undesirable / deplorable)situation (tendency / phenomenon) of…

  We must look (search / all / cry) for an immediate action (method / measure), because the present (current) situation (phenomenon / tendency / state / attitude) of …, if permitted (allowed) to continue (proceed), will surely (certainly) lead to (result in) the end (destruction / heavy cost) of…

  There is no easy (immediate / effective) solution ( approach / answer / remedy) to the problem of …, but … might be useful (helpful /beneficial).

  No easy method(solution / recipe / remedy) can be at hand (found / guaranteed) to solve

  (resolve / tackle) the problem of …, but the common (general / public) recognition of(realization of / awareness of / commitment to) the necessity (importance /significance) of … might be the first step towards change (on the right way / in the right direction).

  Following these methods (suggestions) may not guarantee the success in (solution to)…, but the pay-off will be worth the effort.

  Obviously (Clearly / No doubt), if we ignore (are blind to) the problem, there is every chance that… Unless there is a common realization of (general commitment to)…, it is very likely (the chances are good) that…

  There is little doubt (no denying) that serous (special / adequate / immediate /further) attention must be called (paid / devoted) to the problem of …

  It is necessary (essential / fundamental) that effective (quick / proper) action (steps /measures / remedies) should be taken to prevent (correct / check / end / fight) the situation (tendency / phenomenon).

  It is hoped (suggested / recommended) that great (continuous / persistent / sustained / corporate)efforts should be make to control (check / halt / promote) the growth (increase / rise) of …

  It is hoped that great efforts should be directed to (expended on / focused on) finding (developing / improving)…

  It remains to be seen whether…, but the prospect(outlook) is not quite encouraging (that rosy).

  Anyhow, wider (more) education (publicity) should be given to the possible (potential / grave /serious / pernicious) consequences (effects) of…

  To reverse (check /control) the trend (tendency) is not a light task (an easy job), and it requires (demands / involves / entails) a different state of main towards(attitude towards / outlook on)…

  For these reasons, I strongly recommend that…

  For the reasons givenabove, I feel that…


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